Consulting Services

There are no strict requirements for hiring professional software development consulting services.

A typical topic for a consulting session would be analyzing the architecture of a working product to spot weaknesses and bottlenecks or ways to update and/or migrate existing services, but the sky is the limit. There’s no topic we cannot cover. I can now show you a list of possible topics:

  • Optimize slow or cumbersome systems.
  • Second opinions about existing software architecture.
  • Scaling small business operations.
  • Migrating existing infrastructure to the Cloud.
  • Building an in-house software development department.
  • Interviewing potential candidates.
  • Coaching and developer roadmap for Jr. developers.

What can I offer? I can help your business with:

  • Handling difficult technical decisions.
  • Assessing the technical feasibility of a project or business.
  • Selecting key metrics for measuring performance and business objectives.
  • Optimizing the development workflow of your team.
  • Reviewing your current architecture and technology stack.
  • Asserting technical debt and designing a mitigation plan.
  • Improving your company’s developer retention rate (Talent Retention)
  • Mentoring.

Still not sure if this consulting service is for you? Just contact me on the “Contact” section in the upper menu and feel free to ask any relevant questions.

What’s Included?

A typical consulting session consists of an initial one-hour remote meeting with no tight schedule for discussing the topic. The consulting meetings can be done in person if the travel expenses are covered or reimbursed.

  • English/Spanish.
  • Video conference in the preferred video call app.
  • No fixed topics or questions.
  • Maximum of five concurrent participants.
  • Additional questions can be submitted to be answered by mail if the session time is exhausted.
  • Meetings can be recorded for personal use.
  • All technical consulting (especially on topics like architecture and technology stack) includes a detailed document containing findings, key points, roadmap, and immediate course of action.

Hourly fees and Payment Methods

  • The current consulting fee is 65 USD per hour. Usually one hour sessions are enough for most topics.
  • The payment must be made upfront to confirm the reservation.
  • PayPal, cryptocurrencies and cash is accepted.
  • Once the meetings are paid and confirmed there’s no reimbursement possible, but the meeting can be re-schedule once in case we both agree on a new time and date.
  • Ask for personalized packages and discounts for long (more than four hours) or recurring sessions.