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Why unions won’t work for developers and could even be harmful

The unionization of the tech industry, especially developers, becomes a hot topic from time to time. There’s usually a “no-brainer” argument, that tells unions and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) are the magic bullets to end exploitation and improve greatly the benefits of employees of the software industry. But is it true? What is the empirical […]

Software development by analogy

Analogies are always useful to get into the right mindset about how things work. They are even more useful if you’re trying to explain how software engineering works to a non-technical person. People tend to think that building software involves some kind of black magic. In reality, this process is a lot more methodical and […]

Is there any place for monoliths in 2021?

For more than 5 years, we are in the age of microservices. Monoliths sound like 90’s tech and a thing we should be embarrassed about having. We’ve seen countless discussions about microservices vs monoliths. We all remember the epic talks of engineers and CTOs from Netflix, Spotify, and other big players. Loads of buzzwords thrown every five minutes: […]